Welcome to the Cosmetic Dentistry Blog

This is a blog that answers questions about cosmetic dentistry. Questions come from visitors to the website mynewsmile.com, the oldest and most trustworthy cosmetic dentistry information web site in the world. It was launched in 1995 as my private practice website and continues on as a referral network of recommended cosmetic dentists all over North America.

The answers are all written by me, Dr. David Hall. I believe strongly in being direct, honest, and clear in my answers. I ruffle some feathers among my fellow dentists who take issue with my criticizing other dentists. However, in my opinion, the highest professionalism comes in serving the patients, and that is best served by being honest and, where it is required, gutsy. That’s me. For responses to that philosophy, just check the “hate mail” category on the right.

A central part of my dental philosophy is tied to my being an accredited cosmetic dentist. Many general dentists think they are fully qualified to do any cosmetic dentistry procedure. However, a core purpose of this website is to disabuse the public of that idea. Not only is extensive additional training required beyond dental school, but the vast majority of dentists are not even artistically inclined. See the mynewsmile.com website for a more full discussion of that issue.

If you have comments or follow-up questions, posts will be left open for two days for comments. If it is past that time, you may comment by going directly to the questions form. To do that, simply click here for the ask Doctor Hall a question form. Use that same form for new questions to me. Please be advised that by submitting a comment or a question, you are granting me the right to use that comment or question on this site or other sites or publications where I may write. And I reserve the right to edit questions or comments for clarity or to edit out objectionable, libelous, obscene, or inappropriate parts.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information in this blog is intended to be a public resource of general information that Dr. Hall believes, but does not warrant, to be complete, correct, and up-to-date. It is in no way intended to establish a doctor-patient relationship with the reader. For diagnoses or answers to specific problems, I recommend that you consult a licensed dentist in person. It is not possible for me to conclusively diagnose anything by e-mail.

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