Invisalign's 96% patient satisfaction rates is one of the highest for any dental procedure. Patients love it. And, as a dentist who has provided this service to patients, my provider satisfaction rate was 100%. I loved doing these cases.

There are several reasons for this high level of satisfaction:

  1. Invisalign works. The teeth get straightened, just the same as with traditional braces.
  2. It's twice as fast as traditional braces. Average treatment times are about a year, compared to two to three years with the wire and the brackets.
  3. It is more comfortable by far than wearing brackets. Invisalign patients can watch their friends in traditional braces fumbling with trying to put wax on the ends of wires where they poke their cheeks or their tongue. There is nothing to poke anywhere with Invisalign. The teeth get a little sore for a couple of days every time the aligners are changed, but that's about it.
  4. Life goes on as normal. They can eat whatever they want and can brush and floss normally. How cool is that!
  5. And they look normal. Really, people can't tell that you're wearing braces.

True, Invisalign isn't for everyone. But, for adult orthodontics, it would be my treatment of choice.